Cynthia G. Maddox, MA, CAS, SAS, SDA
Educator, Mount Vernon City School District
Cynthia G. Maddox Will Help You Become Your Best Self

Cynthia G. Maddox is an expert in special education who teaches at Mount Vernon City School District. She is especially committed to helping students with learning disabilities to face their challenges with reading, writing and literacy. Ms. Maddox fastidiously employs 21st century technology tools preparing her charges for their future careers.  Developing curricula, managing computer-integrated learning systems and using authentic learning projects as channels are critical in her educational arsenal.


Ms. Maddox utilizes her expertise in special education to be academic achievers by making use of smart boards, podcasts, student created movies, creative stories and relating lessons to her students’ cultures. She is a renowned educator who has maintained a long-standing desire to teach. Her profession is incredibly rewarding to her, and she is proud to be able to help others in her capacity.

Cynthia G. Maddox
Mount Vernon City School District
165 N. Columbus Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY 10553
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